What Is Thermage?

What Is Thermage?

Do you ever wish you could turn back time and regain your youthful skin? Thermage could give you just that. If you’ve been struggling with visible signs of aging on your face, you may be the perfect candidate for this non-invasive treatment. 

What Thermage Is

Thermage is a powerful treatment that tightens sagging skin, erases lines and wrinkles, and contours your body in a way that will bring back your youthful appearance. There’s no surgery or needles required, and it takes only one treatment to get the results. 

Thermage works to restore your body’s collagen production through radiofrequency (RF) therapy. It uses this to heat the deep layers of your skin to stimulate collagen growth. Don’t worry about the temperature, though, because integrated cooling ensures you stay comfortable during the process. 

Advantages of Thermage

Why should you choose Thermage over other skin rejuvenating treatments? There are many benefits to this treatment, including:

  • Only one session is needed.
  • There are little to no side effects (you may have some redness or minor swelling for the first 24 hours, but that’s rare).
  • No downtime is needed.
  • There’s no need for injections or surgery.
  • It works with all skin types.
  • It can be used on the face, including around the eyes, as well as on the arms, abdomen, and thighs. 

Not only that, but the results are incredibly long-lasting. So much so that we recommend only one treatment and then a follow-up session once every two years, this is the low-maintenance, pain-free skin treatment you’ve been looking for. 

Are You a Candidate for Thermage?

Is this the treatment for you? Since it’s non-invasive and has a quick recovery time, Thermage is a good option for most people. Of course, some people will see better results than others, depending on what kind of results they’re looking for. 

Thermage is best for people looking to reduce the appearance of mild to moderate wrinkles or smaller skin bulges. Thermage can also be used on severe wrinkles and larger areas of loose skin, but the results can vary based on the severity of the condition. 

Get Your Youthful Skin Back

If you want the low-maintenance, quick results of Thermage, it’s time to book your consultation with Beauty and Body By Mia. Our technicians will work with you to determine if this is the right treatment for you and develop a plan to return your skin to its youthful appearance.

Are Mesotherapy Injections Right for You?

Are Mesotherapy Injections Right for You?

Mesotherapy injections were developed in the 1950s with the original intent of alleviating pain. However, they have become popular in recent years because they can also be used to help with body contouring, cosmetic improvements, and even alopecia. Of course, these injections might not be right for everyone. The right procedures depend on the results you seek and the issues you are dealing with. Here’s what you need to know. 

What is Mesotherapy Used For?

Modern mesotherapy injections are often used to remove fat from the stomach, thighs and buttocks, legs and hips, arms, and even the face. They also reduce cellulite, tighten loose skin, and help to reshape the body in specific areas. This technique can lighten skin pigments and help reduce the look of lines and wrinkles, too, making it a popular choice for several people considering cosmetic procedures. 

Mesotherapy works by using very small needles to inject the middle layer of the skin with substances that can improve circulation and reduce inflammation, as well as other issues that often lead to skin damage. There is no single formula for these injections, but most solutions include things like:

  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Herbal extracts
  • Antibiotics and vasodilators 
  • Hormones
  • Enzymes 

Together, these substances can improve blood flow, help eliminate toxins, treat acne scarring, and so much more. 

How It Works 

Usually, treatments will take about 30 minutes each. There isn’t any real downtime, but people may see swelling and bruising at the injection sites. Once treatment is complete, skin will appear firmer and more radiant, and will stay that way for quite a while. Most experts recommend maintenance once or twice a year after six to eight initial sessions, which should be done every two weeks. 

There’s no preparation or recovery to worry about. Aftercare also isn’t a concern, which helps make this procedure desirable among those who don’t want surgery or who may not have the time for a more invasive treatment. 

Is Mesotherapy for Me?

If you think that you might be interested in mesotherapy injections, talk to a licensed cosmetic provider about the procedure and what it entails, as well as whether it’s right for the issues you’re facing. They will be able to go over all of your issues and recommend the best options to get maximum results with the minimum number of treatments, techniques, or procedures. 

Since it’s minimally invasive and a fairly simple procedure, it doesn’t hurt to give mesotherapy injections a try if you think it might help your skin issues. Contact Beauty and Body By Mia to learn more!

The Diverse Benefits of Microneedling

The Diverse Benefits of Microneedling

Microneedling is more popular than ever and there are good reasons for that. The procedure involves rolling a pen or wand with mini-needles over the skin. It creates tiny wounds and results in healing that increases the health, strength, and radiance of the skin.

There are several reasons that people choose to have microneedling done. Some of the most impressive are outlined below.

Eliminate Wrinkles

Aging results in fine lines and wrinkles, but many would prefer not to see them. Microneedling can be used to create better elastin and collagen production which can cut down on these signs of aging and make forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other fine lines less noticeable.

Reduce Appearance of Sun Damage

For sun damage, microneedling is a fantastic solution. It works especially well with age spots and hyperpigmentation. If areas of the skin are brownish and blotchy due to spending time in the sun, microneedling can help. It stimulates new skin cells and collagen to even the skin’s tone.

Help Shrink Pores

It might sound odd since microneedling makes tiny holes in the skin, but it shrinks rather than increases pore size. When the collagen near the pores is stimulated with microneedling, the area starts to become plumper and the appearance of the pore can nearly disappear.

Reduce Stretch Marks

While microneedling might be most commonly used on the face, it can offer improvements anywhere on the body. If you have stretch marks that you want to get rid of, it offers a solution for your woes. This is a common choice after pregnancy when the rapid growth of the skin causes marks on the stomach.

Improve Acne

For those who are using modern topical applications for acne, microneedling can be used in tandem with that. It’s known to make those topical acne treatments more effective than they are on their own. Regular microneedling sessions can help you enjoy fresh clear skin that you are proud of.

Cut Down on Rosacea

The skin thickening and ruddiness of rosacea can be helped by microneedling on the skin. When living with this condition, the skin breaks down collagen more quickly than it would in the average person. The microneedling process helps improve collage growth to reduce irritation and inflammation of the skin.

If you are interested in reaping the benefits of microneedling, reach out to the Mia, who is an experienced licensed aesthetician to learn more. Find out more about the procedure and set up an appointment at Beauty & Body by Mia, to try microneedling today.

Why You Want Oxygeneo Treatments for the Holidays

Why You Want Oxygeneo Treatments for the Holidays

We all know how hectic things can get around the holidays. You’ve got shopping to do, holiday parties to attend, and maybe even a family reunion on the horizon.

With so much going on it’s important not to neglect your skin! Facials at Beauty & Body by Mia are an excellent way for you to treat yourself throughout the hectic season while also ensuring that your skin stays healthy under all the stress put on it by winter weather conditions.

The Holidays Are the Perfect Time for Oxygeneo Facials

Here’s why you should treat yourself to a facial appointment this holiday season:
1 – They leave you feeling pampered and relaxed. Beauty & Body by Mia is the perfect place for you to unwind after a long day battling crowds at the insane malls around town. I offer many little touches that all come together to create an experience that will leave your mind completely free of stress while your body gets the rest it needs.

2 – Skincare treatments are great for anti-aging. During the holidays we can let ourselves go just a bit more than usual without worrying too much about how our non-holiday activities might affect our skin in a negative way – but that doesn’t mean we want to look like we’ve let ourselves go! Oxygenero facial treatments done on a regular basis can do wonders for your skin. Tightening and rejuvenating the skin while also preventing wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and forehead lines, from becoming more prominent than they already are.

3 – All our facials are done by Mia, Chicagoland’s Exclusive Provider for the OxyGeneO™ 3-in-1 Super Facial Treatment from DermaMed Solutions, the Most Advanced Facial Technology in the Market! That means that I have gone through extensive training to learn exactly what to do when it comes time for giving you the facial treatments you want and need. Your safety is always my number one priority!

Call Beauty & Body by Mia to Set Up Your Oxygeneo Treatment Today!

Mia Valleskey would like nothing more than to make sure that your skin stays healthy this holiday season. I am also offering a promotion during the holidays. With every $100 you spend on a gift card; you receive $10 off. It’s the perfect gift for someone you love, that wants to try a Oxygeneo Facial treatment.

So, give me a call today and book an appointment! I am ready to take care of all your skincare needs this holiday season.

Which Type of Facial is Going to Help You Feel Your Best?

Which Type of Facial is Going to Help You Feel Your Best?

There are so many decisions to make in regards to skincare, it can be overwhelming. While there are numerous types of facials available, they can all be placed into one of two categories: corrective or preventive. Preventive facials maintain the health and appearance of your skin while corrective facials help with existing problems like acne, fine lines, and pigmentation. The facial that is right for you depends on several factors including your skin type. Therefore, it is important that you meet with a professional aesthetician as you find here at Beauty & Body by Mia, who will put together a treatment plan that will address your issues and keep your skin healthy.

Cleansing Facials

The most common type of facial is the basic or deep cleansing facial. This type of facial removes impurities like sweat, dirt, product build-up, and dead skin cells that have accumulated on the face over time. When these substances are removed from the skin’s pores, they can clog them causing further problems including breakouts and blackheads. The basic facial helps prevent future issues by clearing out toxins that can harm healthy cell function resulting in acne outbreaks or fine lines.

Topical serums or treatments can be used during a facial to target specific concerns. Some serums reduce the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles, and pigmentation while others target signs of aging such as loose skin and sagging. Serums are infused into the skin via a machine that delivers controlled amounts of specific ingredients for deeper penetration in order to deliver maximum benefits in a short amount of time. Whether you have acne, dryness, or anything in between, your aesthetician will select a serum based on your skincare needs before cleansing your skin to prepare it for treatment.

Chemical Peels

When it comes to corrective facials, chemical peels provide an excellent way to improve the look and feel of aging and sun-damaged skin by removing the outermost layer of dead cells. Most chemical peels are used on the face, but can also be used on other areas like hands and chest.

Want to find out which is going to help rejuvenate your skin best? Then reach out to the experienced professionals here at Beauty & Body by Mia. We are here to help!