MesoCapil Injection

by Mia

To supply the muscle and skin of the face with blood, a vast network of capillary vessels spreads across the cheeks, chin, and forehead. However, those capillaries can be fragile and can become quite visible, leading to self-consciousness. MesoCapil injections can help minimize the appearance of these capillaries while also strengthening them and preventing them from rupturing.

How Does It Work?

MesoCapil injections provide immediate assistance where it’s needed. A strengthening serum is injected into the skin, where it works to reduce redness and puffiness, soothe broken capillaries, and reduce cutaneous capillary hyperpermeability. It also enhances vascular protection and even aids in detoxification while creating a more youthful, radiant complexion.

The Benefits of MesoCapil Injections

  • Strengthen and protect capillaries
  • Prevent capillaries from rupturing
  • Reduces the visibility of capillaries across the face

Who Is the Best Candidate for MesoCapil Injections?

We recommend MesoCapil injections for both men and women who are at risk for ruptured capillaries in the face. MesoCapil injections can be instrumental in treating the effects of rosacea, spider veins, and many other conditions. We also recommend this treatment for patients of all ages. Note that MesoCapil injections not only minimize the appearance of broken capillaries but will help to prevent them in the future.

Learn more about MesoCapil injections and how they can address broken capillaries on your face.



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