The Diverse Benefits of Microneedling

The Diverse Benefits of Microneedling

Microneedling is more popular than ever and there are good reasons for that. The procedure involves rolling a pen or wand with mini-needles over the skin. It creates tiny wounds and results in healing that increases the health, strength, and radiance of the skin.

There are several reasons that people choose to have microneedling done. Some of the most impressive are outlined below.

Eliminate Wrinkles

Aging results in fine lines and wrinkles, but many would prefer not to see them. Microneedling can be used to create better elastin and collagen production which can cut down on these signs of aging and make forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other fine lines less noticeable.

Reduce Appearance of Sun Damage

For sun damage, microneedling is a fantastic solution. It works especially well with age spots and hyperpigmentation. If areas of the skin are brownish and blotchy due to spending time in the sun, microneedling can help. It stimulates new skin cells and collagen to even the skin’s tone.

Help Shrink Pores

It might sound odd since microneedling makes tiny holes in the skin, but it shrinks rather than increases pore size. When the collagen near the pores is stimulated with microneedling, the area starts to become plumper and the appearance of the pore can nearly disappear.

Reduce Stretch Marks

While microneedling might be most commonly used on the face, it can offer improvements anywhere on the body. If you have stretch marks that you want to get rid of, it offers a solution for your woes. This is a common choice after pregnancy when the rapid growth of the skin causes marks on the stomach.

Improve Acne

For those who are using modern topical applications for acne, microneedling can be used in tandem with that. It’s known to make those topical acne treatments more effective than they are on their own. Regular microneedling sessions can help you enjoy fresh clear skin that you are proud of.

Cut Down on Rosacea

The skin thickening and ruddiness of rosacea can be helped by microneedling on the skin. When living with this condition, the skin breaks down collagen more quickly than it would in the average person. The microneedling process helps improve collage growth to reduce irritation and inflammation of the skin.

If you are interested in reaping the benefits of microneedling, reach out to the Mia, who is an experienced licensed aesthetician to learn more. Find out more about the procedure and set up an appointment at Beauty & Body by Mia, to try microneedling today.

Look the Best with a Microneedling Treatment

Look the Best with a Microneedling Treatment

It’s important to go the extra mile to look your best, especially during the summer. You’ll get the most exposure during this time of year and most likely spend a lot of your time out and about in large crowds. Naturally, you’re going to want to look your best, and keeping your skin in good condition is important. If you’ve never considered a microneedling treatment, you should read this article and find out what this unique process can do for you.

What Is Microneedling?

Looking up photos about microneedling might actually scare you away. The process looks painful, and photos usually depict the tiny needles that puncture the face. You’ll also notice the blood drawn during the process, but we promise there’s no need for alarm.

Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment that’s used on the face to eliminate scars and other blemishes. The process involves puncturing the face with multiple tiny needles, which increases collagen production in the face.

Think of it as having acupuncture done on your face. In all reality, that’s exactly what it is.

What Does Microneedling Help With?

Microneedling helps with a variety of different skin issues. The following list is just a fraction of the conditions microneedling can treat:

  • Blemishes
  • Acne scars
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Leathery skin
  • Sunburn scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Uneven skin textures and tones

There are many more conditions that microneedling can help with, and the process has been known to be incredibly effective. So what does the process consist of?

What to Expect

During a microneedling session, you’ll lay back and have your face numbed before the treatment begins. This eliminates any potential pain from the insertion of the needles.

Over the course of 20 minutes, multiple pin-sized needles are inserted in and around the problem areas of the face and left for a brief period. After they’re removed, you’re all done. It’s a very simple process that takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

The Benefits

The overall goal of microneedling is to increase the production of collagen in the face. Increases in collagen lead to firmer skin, which enhances the texture, tone, and smoothness of the face.

In the end, you’re left with a smoother, more enriched facial tone that can improve your look.

Microneedling isn’t as bad as it looks, and the rewards are much greater than the risk. If you have scars or other intense skin blemishes, you should absolutely consider giving this treatment a shot – no pun intended. Contact me today to learn more about scheduling your microneedling procedure.

What Benefits Does Microneedling Provide?

What Benefits Does Microneedling Provide?

Microneedling is more popular than ever before. It is a quick and relatively painless procedure that allows the skin to repair itself, looking better than before the procedure. When you get this procedure, you can go from seeing imperfections to seeing nearly perfect skin in some instances. Here are some of the amazing benefits that come from microneedling.

Your Skin Can Get Some Amazing Benefits

There are many skin issues that can look better because of microneedling. The procedure is fast and usually takes less than 20 minutes. You can have it done to your face, but there are also other areas on the body it can help, too. Most people get it done on the face, the thighs, or the stomach.

It involves a roller or pen with tiny needles piercing the skin very slightly to signal your body to repair the skin. Your body then sends out more collagen, helping to plump up the area and repair the damage. Once your skin gets repaired, it can cover many minor skin issues, including:

  • Scars
  • Acne
  • Stretch Marks
  • Lines and Wrinkles
  • Damage from the Sun
  • Lower Elasticity of the Skin
  • Age Spots

Recovery from microneedling takes a few weeks, and most people see the best results after 4-6 separate treatments. Thankfully, the results can last several months. Once you achieve the desired results, you normally only need appointments twice per year to maintain them. If you notice other problems between appointments, you can also begin a new regimen.

Call Beauty and Body by Mia to Get Microneedling on Your Problem Areas

No matter which parts of your skin bother you, there are options out there designed to help. Reach out to me here at Beauty and Body by Mia to set up a time for your microneedling. I will start with a consultation on your problem areas and talk about the expected results. From there, I can set up your appointments and get the process started! Call me to schedule your consultation today!