Ultrasound Cavitation Treatments

by Mia

Looking for a way to eliminate those stubborn fat deposits? Ultrasound cavitation treatment could be the solution for you. This non-invasive treatment requires no surgery or extensive downtime and yet is proven to remove fat from many areas of the body. In fact, it’s often compared to liposuction in terms of effectiveness.

 How Does It Work?

 Also called ultrasonic lipolysis, ultrasound cavitation treatment is a body contouring technique designed to eliminate subcutaneous (under the skin) fat deposits. It is the same technology behind Liponix and similar systems. No incisions are necessary with this treatment method, and ultrasound technology is used to break fat cells apart, essentially emulsifying them. The body then expels the dead cells naturally.

The Benefits of Ultrasound Cavitation Treatments

  • Comparable results to liposuction without any need for surgery
  • Ability to eliminate stubborn fat deposits
  • Permanently destroys fat cells
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Can be used on the stomach, hips, face, neck, upper arms, and thighs

Who Is the Best Candidate for Ultrasound Cavitation Treatments?

We recommend ultrasound cavitation treatment for both men and women who are struggling to eliminate fat from their bodies. Ideally, you’ll be within 15 pounds of your target weight and in good physical health. Note that this is a contouring treatment and is not a replacement for exercise and diet-supported weight loss.

Learn more about ultrasound cavitation treatments and whether they are the right option for your weight loss journey.



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