Laser Hair Removal

by Mia


IPL or SHR laser which is safe for all skin tones and colors. However the laser doesn’t work on white, gray, blonde or red hair.

It  is an FDA-approved as permanent hair reduction. On average 6-8 treatments are necessary to reduce the hair growth by approximately 95%.

Most clients will need touch-ups after they complete the 6-8 treatments. Touch –ups are an average of once a year, however females with male patterned hair growth may need touch-ups more frequent to keep the hair reduced by 95%. Keep in mind that hair growth is instigated by many different internal causes; some examples are hormonal fluctuations, stress, medications and weight gain. These factors are what will determine how many touch-ups you will need and how often.



Face: Every 4-6 weeks

Midsection (includes bikini and arms): Every 6-8 weeks

Legs: Every 8-10 weeks



Avoid the sun for 10 days before and 10 days after the treatment You must avoid bleaching hair 1 week prior to treatment

NO plucking, waxing or depilatory crème for 7-10 days prior to treatment. You may continue to shave (From now on the old myth that shaving causes hair growth no longer applies)

Arrive for the appointment with the area cleanly shaven; this includes the fine baby hairs

Any make-up, moisturizer, sun screen, etc. must be removed from the area to be treated (think “Squeaky Clean”), Areas will be more sensitive when clients are in their menstrual cycle NOT Recommended for treatment



Avoid sitting in any direct sunlight for 48 hours.

Always wear sunscreen when any sun exposure is possible (SPF 30 with UVA/UVB protection) DO NOT shave for 48 hours after each treatment

DO NOT pluck or wax in between treatments. ONLY SHAVE

If the treatment causes mild folliculitis (white heads) this isn’t an adverse reaction so don’t worry. Apply some alcohol or acne products to the white heads for 2-3 days and it should go away.

If any blistering scabbing occurs (extremely rare), please call us immediately. If this happens and it is after office hours apply bacitracin and sunblock to the area until you get in contact with us.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS For the next two weeks or so, it may appear as though the hair is still growing but it is actually falling out. Once the hairs have fallen out, you should be hair free for a couple weeks and then the next hair cycle will begin to grow.

For this reason, you may notice that some treatments work better than others.

Laser hair removal is uncomfortable for some patients. It is described to feel similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin with a hot sensation. We can give you ice to numb the area and minimize the discomfort if you request.

**The laser hair removal treatments will not fade the hyperpigmentation or scarring you have gotten from your unwanted hair growth

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